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Curious Stranger [work]

Posting sound


An exchange project organized by Shirin Zeraaty and Tabitha Nagy. This was a collaboration initiated by THEARTCORNEROFTEHRAN, ARTHEREISTANBUL and the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München.

[…] AN EXHIBITION ON ARTIST PROFILING ISTANBUL EDITION: https://www.theartcorneroftehran.com/projects-1

As participants we all wrote artist biographies signed with a pseudonym, those texts were exchanged. The anonymous artist biography was to be the foundation of an artwork, 6 months later shown an exhibition at ARTHEREISTANBUL.

The biography I received was about the path, as well personal as professional, of a musician. I decided to make a music piece. Later on in the process I discovered, the piece was actually meant for this unknown person. The piece became a gift, a tribute of this persons artist biography and it was send to the gallery ARTHEREISTANBUL to be further distributed to the real version of the unknown human.

The process of the act of sending the package became the piece that was shown at the exhibition at ARTHEREISTANBUL.

Listen to the piece here: https://www.theartcorneroftehran.com/copy-of-donya-h-aalipour